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Finding the best attorney to defend your criminal charges is no easy task. Figuring out how to tackle your case can be daunting, as well. It’s time to prepare! Here, discover the top seven things you need to know about criminal defense lawyers and how they can help with your case.

1. A criminal defense lawyer specializes in defending criminal charges. This means a criminal defense attorney can deal with both misdemeanor and felony charges; they may also specialize in specific areas of criminal law.

2. Public defenders are not criminal defense lawyers. Public defenders, as opposed to private attorneys, see far many more cases than criminal defense lawyers. A criminal defense attorney will likely have more time to spend on your case.

3. Defense lawyers must have an excellent understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment. Your rights, when facing criminal charges, are held under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, and a criminal defense lawyer must have a thorough knowledge of this constitutional legislation.

4. Criminal defense lawyers can deal with charges before they have been filed. Sometimes, a criminal defense attorney can help their clients mitigate any impending charges. In these cases, a lawyer can offer his/her counsel to deal with police or investigators.

5. Instead of waiting for trial, a criminal defense lawyer may discuss a plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney. This can involve a charge agreement or a sentence agreement.

6. A criminal defense attorney needs to have outstanding persuasive skills. To defend your criminal charges, your lawyer must convince the jury to believe your case. Look for a lawyer with exceptional written and verbal abilities.

7. The expenses associated with a criminal defense lawyer vary by the nature of his/her employment. A public defender or a criminal defense attorney for a non-profit will not cost as much as a criminal defense lawyer who practices under a private firm. Remember, cheaper isn’t often better! While it’s important to know your lawyer’s fees (and their reputation) before you hire, keep in mind that sometimes paying extra will get you an attorney that has a lighter caseload and thus, more time to devote to your case.

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