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Even if you claim you had no knowledge that someone gave you stolen property, you may still face criminal charges. Learn what a criminal attorney might do and what will happen next if you are facing similar charges.

Stolen Property Charges Can Land You in Jail

Anyone caught in possession of stolen property may be held guilty of receiving that property. This can include a watch or necklace stolen during a robbery, electronics taken during a home invasion or items stolen by a shoplifter. Though you might claim you had no knowledge of the crime, you need more than just your word if you hope to avoid jail time.

What is Stolen Property?

Stolen property is a term that attorneys use when describing any type of physical property taken while a crime is being committed. While some tend to think of items that “fell off a truck,” it can also include anything stolen during a robbery, burglary or home i invasion. It may also apply to items taken by a shoplifter from a retail store. If a lawyer wants to charge you with this type of crime, the attorney must prove that you knew the items were stolen.

Proving You Had Knowledge

Proving you had knowledge of the crime is sometimes difficult. Prosecuting attorneys often argue that those in possession knew enough about the item that they can prove knowledge existed. For example, if you agreed to store some belongings for a friend and found those items in brand new and unused condition, the prosecutor can argue that you had enough knowledge to determine those items were stolen.

What Happens Next

Immediately after the police determine that you are in possession of stolen property, you may face arrest. The police could legally place you in custody at that point. You will then need to go to an arraignment hearing and face a judge who sets your bail. Prior to the arraignment hearing, you have the right to request a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas. Knowing what to expect can help you remain more informed and know how to talk with your attorney about your case.