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Locations of persons with outstanding arrest warrants 2009 – present

Thousands of outstanding warrants in Las Vegas related to alleged crimes ranging from traffic offenses and failure to properly register vehicles to petty larceny and stalking. Judges or magistrates issue arrest warrants when law enforcement officers or prosecutors present sufficient evidence that a crime most likely has taken place and that the individual named in the warrant bears criminal responsibility.

More than 70,000 arrest warrants remain outstanding in Las Vegas from 2009 to the present. Why do so many warrants go unserved? In some cases, warrants may contain errors in the factual information that preclude authorities from arresting an individual. For example, arrest information may have been correct at the time of warrant issue but may have changed by the time law enforcement officers attempt to arrest a suspect.

In other cases, names may be misspelled, which can result in cases of mistaken identity and arrests of innocent individuals. Officers generally do not show an arrest warrant to a suspect at the time of the arrest, and mistakes are often corrected only with the assistance of experienced legal counsel.

Neighborhoods with Highest Numbers of Arrest Warrants

Within the city, several ZIP codes stand out as having the most outstanding warrants. With 3,511 for the period, ZIP 89108 — which sits west of Business 95 and north of Summerlin Parkway — ranks highest in the city. The ZIP includes the neighborhoods of Woodcrest, Sterling Springs, Tanglewood, Rosewood, Avila Park, Rock Creek Manor, Golf Ridge Terrace and others.

ZIP code 89101 ranks second, with 3,239 outstanding warrants for the period. The ZIP sits east of I-15 and the Las Vegas Freeway and includes Downtown along with the Arts District, Orleans Square, Church-Noblitt, Arthur McCants and Bracken.

For both ZIP codes, most outstanding warrants addressed driving-related charges. ZIP 89108 had 480 instances of warrants for no driver’s licenses, while 89101 had 474. For no proof of insurance, 89108 had 359 instances, while 89101 had 243.

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Interesting Statistics

  • Average Bail for these warrants is $831.11, total bail for all warrants is over $57 million.
  • 30.6% of outstanding warrants are for women

Common Crimes Associated with Arrest Warrants

How do you get a warrant for your arrest? Between 2015 and 2018, offenses involving driving dominated as the most prevalent among the outstanding arrest warrants for Las Vegas. More than 3,500 outstanding warrants for the period addressed charges of motorists not having a driver’s license or failing to have a driver’s license in their possession.

Approximately 1,200 individuals had outstanding warrants for not having vehicle insurance, while more than 2,700 had no proof of insurance or no registration in their vehicles. Nearly 400 warrants were for individuals who failed to get a Nevada driver’s license within 30 days of moving into the state or failed to get new license plates within 60 days of residency.

More than 1,700 warrants addressed driving on a canceled or revoked license, driving on suspicion of a canceled or revoked license, or driving on a suspended license.

Meanwhile, more than 1,400 warrants were for driving without a valid license, and more than 1,000 were for expired license plates. More than 180 warrants were for failing to have a device in a vehicle to properly restrain a child under 6 years old or 60 pounds.

Moving violations also made up a significant number of warrants. More than 180 were for failure to decrease speed or to use due care, and more than 170 were for failure to drive in a travel lane. Speeding 20 or more miles over the speed limit represented 110 warrants, while exceeding the speed limit at lower levels accounted for more than 1,300 warrants. Nine individuals were named in warrants for aggressive driving, and 76 had warrants for reckless driving.

Some warrants addressed more-serious crimes, including driving under the influence. More than 70 individuals were accused of DUI with drugs, chemicals or organic solvents, while more than 300 warrants addressed DUI with liquor, drugs or for a subsequent DUI arrest. More than 870 warrants addressed allegations of battery, including domestic violence.

How Can You Cancel a Warrant for Your Arrest?

In Nevada, warrants do not expire and can remain active indefinitely. They can only be removed from the outstanding warrants system through a judge’s order, which is difficult to obtain without the assistance of an attorney.

Following an arrest, a criminal complaint may be filed, and the defendant makes a first appearance in front of a judge for an arraignment. If the case proceeds, a preliminary hearing typically is held. Throughout the legal process, it is critical for defendants to have representation from a lawyer.

Work with an Experienced Defense Attorney

If you have an outstanding warrant, it is vital that you work with a defense attorney who is knowledgeable in Nevada law. An experienced attorney can help protect your rights and get a warrant dismissed if you are wrongly accused. For a confidential review of your case, please contact criminal defense attorney Gabriel L. Grasso.

Resource: Las Vegas Open Data