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No matter what crime an individual is being arrested for, everyone should avoid these three common mistakes that could ruin their case.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Being Arrested on Criminal Charges

Many people are arrested for the first time with no idea of what is going to happen in the following days. Unfortunately, these stressful scenarios often result in the arrested party making serious mistakes that could haunt them for a lifetime. Here is a look at three of the most common mistakes that are made following an arrest and how they can be avoided.

Admitting Guilt to the Police

After making an arrest, police officers love when the accused party attempts to talk their way out of it. Countless people have unknowingly given up evidence or even made false claims hoping to get on the good side of the officer, but this never works. Those who have been arrested have no obligation to give law enforcement officers anything more than their basic information, such as their name, number and address.

Admitting Guilt to Other Parties

From the moment that an arrest is made, the accused should assume that anything being said will be heard or recorded. Speaking with friends over the phone or even chatting with other individuals in the jail cell could have major ramifications. Additionally, the accused should refrain from posting anything on social media and may want to consider disabling their accounts altogether until the trial is completely over. Prosecutors are known to search for posts, tweets and updates that they can use in their case.

Failing to Contact an Attorney

Without a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, the accused party has very little chance of getting through the legal system unscathed. Everyone from the arresting officer to the judge is looking to get through the case as quickly as possible, and this often results in unfair plea bargains that will loom over the defendant’s head for years on end. The sooner that the accused has a lawyer by their side, the easier it will be to avoid these common mistakes and begin building a solid case.