Choosing the best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can be a daunting task. Not all lawyers are created equal, and making the wrong choice can have far-reaching consequences. In recent years, the rise of internet marketing has only added to the confusion. For-profit lawyer referral services such as Avvo and LegalMatch have flooded the market. Add lawyer websites and it only gets more complicated. Can I believe the claims made on a lawyer’s website? How much of what I read about a lawyer on referral sites is purchased advertising and how much is true? These are all good questions which anyone seeking effective legal representation should ask.

One of the most dishonest ploys in the legal advertising world is the “top” or “best” awards. Anywhere lawyers advertise, these bogus claims to fame are laid out on billboards, TV ads, and on law office walls. “This lawyer is in the top 100 lawyers in America.” “That lawyer is one of the city’s best lawyers.” “Another lawyer is one of the nation’s best trial lawyers.” With very few exceptions, all of these awards are bought and paid for by the lawyer.

Have you ever seen those “Best lawyers” magazines? They are nothing more than pure advertising. The more a lawyer pays, the bigger his mention in the magazine. If the lawyer spends a lot, there can even be a feature story made to look like a newspaper article inside the magazine. Spend even more and a lawyer can buy the cover photo with the word “best” right above that lawyer’s smiling face.

The truth is that people who couldn’t put two sentences together in front of a judge or have never even participated in a jury trial can end up as one of America’s “Top Criminal defense lawyers.” All they need is enough money.

The good news is there are effective ways to fight against this misinformation. First, always be wary of “best” and “top” claims on lawyer advertising. There’s no such thing as the “top 100” of anything when it comes to lawyers. There’s no substitute for good old fashioned investigation. Google a lawyer’s name, see what comes up. If that criminal defense lawyer is actually as good as he or she claims, you’ll see news articles about trials they have won. See https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/courts/ex-marine-acquitted-of-child-sex-abuse-charges-in-las-vegas/ Take the time to meet prospective lawyers face to face. Almost all criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations, so take advantage and ask the right questions. These tips will help you find the best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.

Ask questions such as: How many trials have you done in your career? How many trials have you won? Can I see the verdict form from the last trial you won? How many cases have you taken to trial with charges like mine? Can you give me a case number of one of the most recent cases you handled like mine so I can look it up? Tell me about the last plea agreement you negotiated in a case like mine? These questions will quickly separate the real deal from the wannabe and can help you zero in on the best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.

It’s your life, so take the time to really find out who might be the “best” lawyer for your particular case. There are many experienced, effective, and hardworking criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas. By remembering that advertising claims of excellence are usually just hot air, and keeping the other points made here in mind, You’ll go a long way in finding the lawyer who will be the best fit for you.

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