Armed Robbery Charges in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, will forever be a part of American legend thanks to countless films, books and television shows highlighting the city, especially its criminal element. While movies like Ocean’s Eleven may romanticize the notion of robbery, most of the crimes that plague the streets of Las Vegas are not so glamorous. As with any major…


Non-Nevada Resident Bench Warrants

If you have been arrested in the Las Vegas area you will face several legal obligations related to your arrest. If you fail to appear in court on your scheduled return data, you will have a bench warrant issued for your arrest. Sometimes bench warrants are referred to as a “capias” in certain jurisdictions. Bench…


Recent Success in the Criminal Courtroom

Criminal defense attorney Gabriel Grasso has proven his skill once again in the state of Washington. Mr. Grasso recently handled a criminal case in Lewis County involving felony charges of Eluding Police and Reckless Endangerment. At the end of the arduous legal battle, the felony charges were dismissed. Mr. Grasso extends his thanks to local…


Defense Attorney Grasso is 4 for 4 in Recent Court Cases

in Drugs

You’re looking for results, and we’ve got them. Las Vegas defense attorney Gabriel L. Grasso has won four out of four cases in recent courtroom trials. In State of Nevada vs. T.B., the client faced state prison on charges of marijuana possession and intent to sell. Following Grasso’s preliminary hearing remarks, all charges were dismissed….


How to Avoid a Criminal Arrest During a Consensual Police Encounter

in Police

In situations where you’re suspected of having committed a crime, you are obligated to cooperate with the police because failure to do so may lead to your arrest. But consensual encounters, where a police officer stops and talks to you when there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing, can sometimes lead to arrest as well. Here’s…


At What Point Does A Criminal Bail Amount Become Excessive?

The 8th Amendment to the Constitution includes specific protection against excessive bail; but it can be difficult to determine at what point bail becomes “excessive.” What Bail Is: When a person is charged with a crime, he or she is frequently released from jail and allowed to await trial at home in exchange for presenting…


Criminal Attorney Watch: Crime Sniffing Dogs Are Unreliable

in Drugs

The National Canine Program (NCP) is a government-funded operation that trains dogs to sniff out bombs and other criminal activities for agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the airport. But just recently, a government report was released stating that the effectiveness of canines at drug and bomb sniffing, specifically for the TSA,…