The Problem with Criminal Composite Sketches

For years, we’ve watched as crime detection and support technology has made significant advancements in the criminal world. Things we weren’t even sure existed have now become commonplace in each and every police station across the United States. Movies, as well as criminal television shows, have shown us the progression of crime fighting tools from…


Police Searches Without a Warrant

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We are guaranteed the right to not have our homes and property unlawfully searched by law enforcement, thanks to the Fourth Amendment. However, there are four circumstances under which a warrant is not necessary. 1. Consent If the owner of the property agrees to a search, no warrant is necessary. However, there are exceptions. If…


What Qualifies as Probable Cause

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In this country, suspects are innocent until proven guilty; but that doesn’t mean you can’t be arrested on probable cause. So what exactly is “probable cause,” anyway? Probable cause is a complex and involved concept which has been litigated for decades and has been the subject of hundreds of appellate opinions, including many United States…


The Plain View Doctrine Explained

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The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects against unlawful searches and seizures of a person or their property. A warrant is always necessary to conduct a search if law enforcement has reason to believe someone is doing something illegal. However, there is a notable exception to this amendment: the plain view doctrine. The plain view…


Could Facebook Land You in Criminal Court?

The rise of social media websites such as Facebook has made keeping in touch and letting people know what’s happening in your life easier than ever. However, posting this information could have some unintended consequences; incriminating information posted to social media is legally admissible in court. Police are increasingly turning to social media to find incriminating…


The 5 Most Frequently Broken Laws

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Did you know that the average American breaks the law about three times a day? However, that’s not to say that every American is out to mug you. So which laws are Americans breaking? Here are five of the most frequently broken laws. 1. Underage Drinking According to SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), about 26%…


How to Appeal a Criminal Court Conviction in Las Vegas

If you are awaiting a verdict, “guilty” is probably the word you dread hearing. What happens if the trial ends in a guilty verdict? It’s not the end of the line yet; you still have the option to appeal. Here’s how the appeals process works. What is an Appeal? An appeal is a challenge to…


Self Defense in Nevada: What Every Las Vegas Resident Should Know

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No one truly wants to get into a situation that requires violence, but sometimes things get out of hand. Under Nevada law, you have a right to protect yourself. In fact, many criminal charges involving violence are actually self defense situations. In order for a case to be legally considered self defense, you must meet…


Illegal Re-entry Defense: What Are My Options?

Illegal Re-entry Defense: What Are My Options? In the past few years, illegal re-entry has topped statistics as one of the most prosecuted federal offenses. Instead of being deported, these individuals now face harsh criminal charges and jail time. Fortunately, an illegal re-entry case does not have to be faced alone. If you or a loved…


How to Avoid a Criminal Conviction During a DUI Arrest

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Imagine that you’re driving home one night and see a light flash out of the corner of your eye. You glance at your rear view mirror and feel your heart sink; you’re getting pulled over. Don’t panic – being pulled over or arrested is not the same as being convicted. When they pull you over,…