Federal Sentencing Guidelines Issues

The federal sentencing guidelines intend to alleviate sentencing disparities. In reality, they are often misused to pass extreme sentences on individuals whose crimes may not justify a long prison term. While they are technically “guidelines” some judges treat them as hard and fast rules and that can work against you, especially with drug offenses. Fortunately,…


Some thoughts about the War on Drugs

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Marijuana, Thought Coercion and the Failed War on Drugs “Over the past 40 years, the United States has fought a losing domestic drug war that has cost one trillion dollars, resulted in over 40 million arrests, consumed law enforcement resources, been a key contributor to jaw-dropping rates of incarceration, damaged countless lives, and had a…


The Freedom Of Our Minds: Conscience, Drugs, Democracy, and the First Amendment

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By Christopher L. Grasso,  Associate Attorney Careful and logical analysis of the robust rights so zealously protected and spoken of by figures like Jefferson and Madison unveils an inextricable connection between each of the rights specified by the First Amendment. That is, although each right is specifically enumerated within the Amendment, the Founders were clear…


The Importance of Remaining Silent

It’s human nature to want to defend yourself. Most people can’t resist trying to explain their conduct to police when confronted with questioning. The urge to confess or the need to talk your way out of trouble is irresistible. The police know this and take advantage of it every day. What a person does when they…


What is a Preliminary Hearing?

In Nevada, there are only two ways the District Attorney in any county can file a Felony or Gross Misdemeanor in District (Trial) Court. The first method is to present witnesses and evidence to the county Grand Jury. A grand jury is a group of about 18 local citizens appointed usually for 6 month terms…


How Can a Casino Have You Thrown in Jail on a Marker Debt?

Only in Nevada. That’s a phrase which applies to many activities. No other State has counties with legal prostitution. No other state has a city which has more hotel rooms at one intersection (Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd) than the total number of hotel rooms in the entire City of San Francisco. And no other…


Why Federal White-collar Crime Prosecution Rates Are Dropping

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White-collar crimes are being prosecuted by the federal government less than they have been in the past 20 years. Changes to the Justice Department budget along with the intervention of defendant’s attorneys are two likely reasons for the decrease in prosecutions. Prosecution for Federal White-Collar Crimes Has Decreased While crimes involving the state may be…


Surprising Activities That Are Considered Crimes in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas law criminalizes a variety of activities that may be civil offenses in other cities and states. Knowing what these surprising criminal offenses include can help residents and visitors avoid arrest and jail time. Most Commonly Misunderstood Criminal Offenses in Las Vegas Whether you’re a local or one of Las Vegas’ 40 million visitors,…


DUI Laws in Nevada: What You Should Know

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If a person is accused of driving under the influence, then there is a possibility he or she could face consequences that include jail time and a suspended license. Driving Under the Influence Laws in Nevada In the state of Nevada, driving under the influence is when an individual has consumed alcohol that exceeds the legal limit…