Attributes of the Best Criminal Lawyers

Good Las Vegas defense attorneys are few and far between. Even if you have never been charged or arrested for a crime, you should consider looking into acquiring a lawyer who can help protect you and your rights. It may take some time to find a good Nevada criminal defense lawyer and it is your…


False Accusations Of Child Molestation

Child Molestation Defense Attorney Las Vegas Nevada Child molestation is a very serious crime in Nevada. The mere accusation will forever change the course of your life. Unfortunately accusations can fly during a messy divorce or child custody battle. This can result in very painful and uncomfortable results such as an unfounded accusation of child…


Las Vegas Criminal Defense: Know Your Miranda Rights

“By Gabriel L. Grasso” Do you know what your Miranda rights are? Miranda rights are your constitutional guarantee that if you are arrested and questioned as a suspect in a crime you have the right to remain silent. The Miranda rights also ensure that you understand that whatever you say can be used in court…