in Crime

Criminal law is the type of law that applies to people charged with a criminal offense. Criminal offenses range from charges of larceny, arson, assault, and many other property offenses, personal offenses and homicide offenses. In America, the justice system is based upon the idea that all accused persons are innocent until proven guilty. This makes sure that the justice system cannot simply accuse someone of a crime and convict them without sufficient proof.

Playing with Fire

Innocent until proven guilty means that there must be evidence that a crime was committed and the person accused committed the crime. If sufficient  evidence is not presented, then they cannot be found guilty of a crime.  The process by which proof against an accused is presented in court is called a trial. The court system is supposed to make sure there are no innocent people put in jail and that those who are guilty get the punishment they deserve.  Once accused of a crime punishable by jail time, a person has a decision to make. They can either get a lawyer or have one appointed to them.

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