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How private is your information?

The rise of social media websites such as Facebook has made keeping in touch and letting people know what’s happening in your life easier than ever. However, posting this information could have some unintended consequences; incriminating information posted to social media is legally admissible in court.

Police are increasingly turning to social media to find incriminating posts, photos, and videos (even going as far as creating false accounts to befriend suspects). Police can also request private information directly from a website using a subpoena or warrant. If there is an imminent threat they can also make emergency requests to view someone’s information immediately. It’s important to note that even though creating fake accounts is against Facebook’s terms of service, it is not against the law.

The information shared largely depends on the social media platform in question (for example, Twitter is known to refuse requests from law enforcement). But one thing is certain: users should be wary of what they post on the internet. To learn more about your privacy rights, or to find a highly qualified Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, contact Gabriel L. Grasso at (702) 868-8866.