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Conspiracy is one of the most common charges faced by defendants in the Las Vegas valley. Both in Federal and State courts, Conspiracy is charged in almost every felony case filed by either the County District Attorney or Federal United States Attorney.

The Legal Definition

In Las Vegas, a conspiracy means that two or more individuals have agreed and planned to commit a crime. This means that two or more individuals who talk about committing a crime and plan to commit the crime could get in trouble for it. It doesn’t matter how serious they were about their planning or if they thought they would be successful in carrying it out. In Federal prosecutions it is not uncommon for people to be brought into criminal cases as defendants without actually being charged with any substantive crime. Just being part of a conspiracy  is enough.

Unfortunately, playing a large or small role in the conspiracy to commit a crime does not make a difference in the eyes of the court. If you were involved in the agreement to commit a crime, you can still be charged alongside the big shots.

Possible Defenses

Your criminal conspiracy lawyer has a few different defense options in a case like this:

  • There was never an agreement to commit a crime
  • There is no evidence to support an agreement
  • The evidence was not obtained legally

In the state of Nevada, it is possible to get out of a charge if the individual you conspired with was an undercover cop. Your attorney can argue that you were a victim of police entrapment and you were coerced into making the agreement.

There are lots of ways to get out of legal trouble and a good Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you stay out of prison. If you need a criminal conspiracy lawyer in Las Vegas, call Gabriel L. Grasso today at (702) 868-8866.