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Bobby Shmurda Case Highlights Three Types of Nevada Crimes

Music lovers in Las Vegas might be following rapper Bobby Shmurda’s story as this rising star in the world of hip-hop faces criminal charges for possession of a weapon, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit assault. The New York Police believe Shmurda belongs to a Crips gang called GS9, and the rapper could face several years in prison if convicted. Shmurda’s case will play out in a New York courtroom, but this is what similar charges might entail in Las Vegas.


Even if a crime is not committed, one could still face charges for conspiracy when planning to commit abuse against a person. If convicted, a first offense is a gross misdemeanor while a second offense is a category C felony. This can result in a one- to five-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $10,000.


Murder is a serious and complex offense with many variables, so hiring the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas might be necessary when facing charges for crimes related to murder, manslaughter or homicide. When proving murder, the prosecution must show that the unlawful killing of a human took place with malice, which means that a defendant intentionally wanted to take the person’s life.

First-degree murder occurs when any type of willful and premeditated killing happens, and this is a class A felony. Those convicted of first-degree murder could be sentenced to death, life in prison or 50 years in prison. In some cases, parole may be possible after 20 years.


Assault refers to unlawful attempts to use physical force or place another person in harm’s way. In Nevada, assault can apply even if an attempt to physically harm someone is not successful. Assault may qualify as a misdemeanor if one is unarmed but is considered a class B felony when committed with a deadly weapon. An individual could face up to six years in prison and a $5,000 fine for a category B felony.