Child Molestation Defense Attorney Las Vegas Nevada

Child molestation is a very serious crime in Nevada. The mere accusation will forever change the course of your life. Unfortunately accusations can fly during a messy divorce or child custody battle. This can result in very painful and uncomfortable results such as an unfounded accusation of child molestation or child abuse. This can happen when one parent or party wants to get even or even if someone thinks something inappropriate is occurring between an adult and a child.

Consequences Of A Sex Crime Conviction In Las Vegas

If you are convicted of a sex offense you are usually looking at felony charges that include jail or prison time. You will also lose some of your constitutional rights once released from prison. Mandatory sex offender registration is also a ramification of a sex crime conviction in Nevada. This will follow you for years and in some cases for life. Sex offender status will hinder your ability to get a job, housing, etc.

Defending The Falsely Accused in Las Vegas

If you have been accused of molesting a child or child sexual assault these charges can haunt you for years to come. Retaining an experienced and tenacious Las Vegas sex crime lawyer is imperative to protecting your rights, your freedom and your reputation. Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Gabriel L. Grasso will do his best to minimize or reduce the charges if the case cannot be dismissed altogether.

Contact A Nevada Sex Crime Lawyer If You Have Been Falsely Accused

If you have been falsely accused of a sex offense or a sex offense involving a minor in the Las Vegas, NV area please understand that you do not have to navigate through this alone. Having a skilled Las Vegas Sex Offense Lawyer that serves all of Las Vegas on your side is in your best interest. Mr. Grasso will fight aggressively to protect your rights through this trying time. Please contact Mr. Grasso at (702 ) 868-8866.  Or, email Las Vegas Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Gabriel L. Grasso. With his many years of experience and unparalleled success record in sex crime cases of all types, Gabriel L. Grasso can level the legal playing field and make it possible to face these charges with confidence.