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It’s a common scene in police dramas and action movies: The police are chasing a suspect, who gets away by blending in with a large crowd. Wouldn’t it be handy if the police had a way to scan crowds like this and be able to find the suspect before he or she got away?

In Brazil, this will soon be a reality. Police officers there will be outfitted with glasses that allow them to scan crowds in order to find people they’re looking for, or just know if there’s anyone in a crowd at large events they should keep an eye on.

In fact, that’s where they’re planning on testing this new technology: at large events such as soccer matches and concerts, so that when the World Cup comes around in 2014, security at this event in Rio de Janeiro will be prepared.

facial recognition glasses for law enforcement

The glasses don’t look any different from ordinary ones, but they contain a small camera that allows them to scan 46,000 biometric points on people’s faces and compare them against a criminal database. When there’s a match, a red light comes on inside the glasses so only the police officer can see it.

This technology isn’t available to police yet, but expect it to be part of law enforcement within the next year or two.

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