If you have been arrested in the Las Vegas area you will face several legal obligations related to your arrest. If you fail to appear in court on your scheduled return data, you will have a bench warrant issued for your arrest. Sometimes bench warrants are referred to as a “capias” in certain jurisdictions. Bench warrants are orders from the Court which instruct the police to arrest you if they come into contact with you. In some cases, your local police warrant unit may go out to your home or work looking to arrest you on the Nevada warrant. Being arrested in a scenario like this can cause you a significant amount of aggravation. If you have a bench warrant out for your arrest you should begin resolving the issue by consulting with a Las vegas Bench Warrant Attorney.

Reasons For Bench Warrants Being Issued In Las Vegas NV

You may have a bench warrant issued for your arrest once you have done any of the following after being arrested in Nevada:

* Neglect or fail to make a scheduled court or sentencing appearance
* Neglect or fail to pay fines, fees or child support payments
* Violate a court order such as failing to perform community service

Penalties If Arrested Via Bench Warrant

If you are ultimately arrested by police for something unrelated to your bench warrant, for example if you are pulled over in a routine traffic stop, you will be taken into custody immediately. You may be held without bail, or you may be able to be released on bail, until your court date. After the issuance of a warrant, penalties and consequences may be more severe once you go to court.

Your previous criminal history, your record since the initial arrest and other factors will determine what options you have regarding having your bench warrant charges dismissed or minimized.

Contact A Las Vegas Nevada Criminal Lawyer For A Free Consultation

Call Las Vegas Bench Warrant Lawyer Gabriel L. Grasso at (702) 868-8866 if you would like to proactively resolve your Nevada bench warrant. He will begin work on your case and attempt to limit or minimize the consequences of your pending bench warrant, capias of failure to appear. You can also email Las Vegas Attorney Gabriel Grasso. Let Mr. Grasso use his knowledge of Nevada Bench Warrant Laws and penalties to defend you.