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Las Vegas has long been considered one of the top places in the country to party in the streets and consume liquor in public. With historically loose open container laws, Las Vegas is viewed by many as a destination where anything goes and people can’t get in trouble for consuming liquor out in the open. But unfortunately for those who find out the hard way, Nevada does have some open container laws that could land you in trouble if you are unaware of their existence. Here are some tips for legally consuming alcohol on the Strip or Downtown, ensuring that you and your friends stay safe while drinking in Las Vegas.

Public drinking still fine in Las Vegas

With a few exceptions, public drinking is allowed throughout the city of Las Vegas. While tourists will not be able to consume adult beverages within 1,000 feet of a church, school, hospital, homeless shelter or withdrawal management facility, alcohol can be carried in public just about anywhere else within city limits. Drinking cannot occur in cars, vans or trucks, as open containers are illegal in all vehicles in the state of Nevada.

No glass

One of the newest laws regarding open containers in Las Vegas is a policy that bans glass bottles and containers on the Strip. Beginning last September, it is now illegal to carry a beverage in a glass container on the Strip. If consuming a drink in a glass container, make sure to move it into a plastic cup prior to walking Las Vegas Boulevard to ensure no run ins with the police.

Downtown can be tricky

With so many opportunities for people to purchase alcohol in Downtown Las Vegas, it can be tough to understand exactly what the open container laws are while walking on Fremont Street. The law is clear concerning alcohol purchased at casinos, which can be carried and consumed anywhere in Downtown Las Vegas. As for liquor bought at one of the many shops on the Fremont Street Experience, police officers have the ability to ask you to empty your beverage if caught with an open container.

While it can be confusing at times understanding the open container laws in Las Vegas, knowing the law can keep you out of trouble during your time in Southern Nevada. For more information on the top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, contact Gabriel L. Grasso today at  (702) 868-8866.