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A lack of accountability in a police department may mean that officers act without fear of consequences. Implementing a system for spotting potential misconduct could prevent wrongdoing before it occurs.

Police Accountability Could Reduce Problems Between Citizens and Law Enforcement

With stories like those of Eric Garner and Mike Brown still fresh in the minds of many Americans, questions have arisen concerning how police officers across the nation are held accountable for the decisions they make when interacting with the public. In Nevada and across the country, an officer’s actions matter when someone is arrested or charged with a crime.

The Current Problem

The New York Police Department is one law enforcement agency that is subject to public scrutiny, and the exact nature of the disciplinary actions the department takes are often unknown because the disciplinary records are sealed. Additionally, law enforcement agencies often have ways to identify crime trends but usually do not utilize these methods to identify problems within the police force.

Tracking Officer Offenses

NYPD settlements cost New York City more than $100 million every year, but tracking improper conduct might reduce questionable police behavior. Officers sometimes justify unnecessary excessive force by claiming an individual was resisting arrest, so the amount of resisting arrest charges an officer makes is one potential indicator of wrongdoing.

Lawsuits may help someone receive compensation when an officer acted inappropriately, and those charged with a crime might be able to avoid a conviction when an officer acts incorrectly. This could occur in a drunk driving case when an officer pulls over a motorist without probable cause.

Police Conduct Matters in Criminal Defense Proceedings

An officer’s actions might be especially important in cases involving drunk driving or drug possession as improper police conduct could be enough to get charges against an individual dropped. Working with a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas might be crucial to avoiding jail time if you are accused of a crime.