There are many great moments in a long legal career. Most of these moments involve helping others. Some lawyers represent the government, others represent corporations, and some represent ideas. Criminal defense lawyers represent people. People who may be at a low point in their lives. People who need someone who listens without judgment. People who need a trusted champion in their corner. There are many great enthusiasms which come with the job, but sometimes the biggest wins have nothing to do with going to court.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Gabriel L. Grasso is proud to introduce his son, Christopher L. Grasso, Esquire, and the opening of Chris’ new criminal defense law practice at chrisgrassolaw.com. Chris was sworn in as a Nevada lawyer in 2015, and has worked for his father until recently, gaining valuable experience in all areas of criminal law.

Now, Chris is available for client consultations as one of Southern Nevada’s most respected and outstanding young lawyers. Chris brings his own personal style to his interactions with judges, prosecutors, and clients. Few young lawyers have Chris’ depth of understanding of human nature and such a unique ability to promote his client’s interests.

Being a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas can be a highly rewarding profession. Being able to help and advise your son as he follows in your footsteps is priceless.