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For local rapper Orlando Clemons, who also goes by “Splash God,” a seemingly normal walk to his car after a show in downtown Las Vegas in March quickly turned ugly. As Clemons was making his way towards his car, a Metro police officer pulled up alongside him, and chaos quickly ensued.

After getting out of his car, the officer apparently shoved Clemons onto the hood of the police vehicle, pressing a forearm against the back of the rapper’s neck and holding Clemon’s hands behind his back in the process. When the flurry of activity ended, Clemons found himself arrested and cited for jaywalking and resisting arrest.

The incident between 29-year-old Clemons and the officer was caught on video.

rapper in Las Vegas arrested

Prior to the incident, Clemons, a hip-hop artist, completed a show at around 1 a.m. at the Beauty Bar on East Fremont Street. When the show ended, Clemons and friends walked back to El Cortez’s parking garage while shooting a promotional video for the album.

Metro officer Paul Shreiber intercepted the men, driving past and then making a U-turn before stopping next to them. As Shreiber stepped out of his vehicle, he said, “What’s up, man? Step in front of my car, please” according to an article on reviewjournal.com.

In response, Clemons walked towards the officer with his palms towards the officer to indicate that he did not have any weapons. The officer quickly placed Clemons’ hands behind him, and proceeded to push the rapper’s face onto the hood of the patrol car when Clemons turned his head.

Clemons explained that he wanted to speak with the officer, but “…It’s hard to talk to an officer of the law when I’m in handcuffs and being jerked around like a beef jerky stick.”

The tension escalated when backup arrived to assist Shreiber while the rapper’s friends tried to explain that Clemons was innocent. Moments later, Frank Williams, a friend of Clemons, was also pushed onto the hood of a patrol car and handcuffed, and the two men were taken to Las Vegas City Jail.

Clemons and his friends weren’t the only ones questioning the incident in its aftermath. Some legal experts are puzzled over the officers’ use of excessive force in what turned out to be a minor citation for jaywalking.

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