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We all know that drugs are bad and that possessing or selling them is against the law. But sometimes, the mandatory minimum sentence for drug charges far exceeds the crime committed. Is selling a few pills worse than sexual assault or battery charges? Time and time again, mandatory minimum sentences guarantee that people are put away for a long time, based on one mistake that they wish they could take back. While these people may have been convicted of a crime, they certainly don’t deserve the outrageous sentences that they were given and the amount of time they are forced to spend behind bars.

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Ronald Evans Got Life In Prison Without Parole At Age 19

In 1993, Ronald Evans was a teenager in Virginia who started as a lookout and eventually moved up to distributing drugs. After prosecutors described Evans as the “organizer” behind the entire operation, he was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Evans is now 39 and has spent the majority of his life in prison.

Telisha Watkins Got 20 Years For One Sale Of Crack Cocaine

After trying to help a neighbor that turned out to be a police informant, 33-year-old Telisha Watkins was given a 20 year sentence for soliciting crack cocaine. The problem? Watkins believed that she was only selling cocaine, not crack cocaine which warrants a much more severe sentence. But because there was crack cocaine in the package she delivered to an undercover cop, Watkins received 20 years and won’t be released from prison until 2024.

Sherman Chester Got A Life Sentence, Judge Said He Didn’t Deserve It

Along with nine other street-level dealers, Sherman Chester was busted for selling heroin and cocaine in 1999. Because of two prior drug convictions, a judge was forced to give Chester a lifetime sentence with no possibility of parole, even though it was a nonviolent drug charge. Chester’s judge was even disappointed with the sentence he was forced to hand down, exclaiming, “this man doesn’t deserve a life sentence.”

John Horner Got 25 Years For Selling Painkillers

After losing an eye in 2000, John Horner got hooked on painkillers. Years later, Horner met a police informant that said he was looking for painkillers, so he sold $1,800 worth of drugs to the undercover officer. Horner’s mistake warrants a minimum 25 year sentence in Florida, putting him behind bars until he turns 72.

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