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tips for avoiding dui
With Thanksgiving in our rearview mirrors and Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s important to take extra precautions to avoid getting a DUI this holiday season. Follow these simple tips to avoid being arrested and possibly facing criminal charges.

1. Don’t drink and drive

The easiest and most effective way to avoid a DUI is to abstain from alcohol all together, or to avoid driving if you do choose to drink. Depending on a variety of factors such as your age, weight, and gender, alcohol will affect you differently. Even if you think that you are under the legal limit, a breathalyzer may display a reading of over .08 percent.

2. If you must drink, do so cautiously.

Make sure to eat plenty of food, including protein, to avoid a spike in blood alcohol concentration. A full stomach will delay the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream, resulting into a more even level of intoxication. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of avoiding a hangover.

3. Pick a designated driver

If you choose to partake in holiday merriment, but don’t want to shell out funds for a holiday taxi, make sure someone in your party will not be drinking. Everyone gets home safe, and you’ll be doing your part to spread the holiday cheer by ensuring that the roads are that much safer.

4. Don’t rely on staying close to home

It doesn’t matter if you are 5 blocks or 5 miles away from your home, getting pulled over while over the limit will get you into trouble with the law. Many individuals have had the unfortunate luck to be arrested within minutes of their home, or even after pulling in to their driveway! An officer will not fail to take you if  he or she has a reasonable suspicion that you’re over the legal limit.

5. Don’t rely on the one drink per hour rule

While a single drink should be absorbed and then eliminated from the body within an hour, the rate is not the same for everyone. As previously stated, many factors including weight, gender, stomach contents, and even hydration can affect exactly how long it will take for your body to eliminate alcohol.

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