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Getting a traffic ticket for speeding can be a wake up call for drivers who may not have watched signs or their odometers carefully. Knowing how to act and respond to a ticket may help a driver learn from the situation.

How to Respond When You Get a Traffic Ticket

You may have been cruising along on your way to work or an appointment when you see the flashing lights behind you. As you lower your window, the police officer informs you that you were traveling faster than the posted speed limit and that your offense may result in a ticket that carries a fine or points against your driver’s license. In this situation, you might consider just paying the ticket, going to court and fighting it on your own or hiring a lawyer for criminal defense in Las Vegas. Before you do any of these, try out these three tips when faced with a ticket.

Respond with Respect

Treating the police officer with respect is of utmost importance in any situation. The officer’s goal is to ensure that all drivers arrive safely at their destinations. Using respectful language and being polite while speaking with the officer helps to show the police that you are taking the situation seriously.

Going to Court

If you do receive a ticket but you feel it was erroneous, you have the option to go to court. While in court, speak with the judge as respectfully as you did with the officer. Even if you have a lawyer representing you, your words and actions will be closely watched by the court.

Learn from It

Even if your traffic ticket stands and you find yourself having to pay a penalty, treat the situation as a learning opportunity. You may find ways to avoid a repeat of the situation, such as having your speedometer recalibrated by your mechanic. Your experience in respectful communication with the officer and the judge can also help you during other tricky situations in life.