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It is easy to panic when you are called for a police interview. However, there are steps that should be taken to help ensure a positive outcome from the experience.

Finding yourself on the phone with a police detective is an unnerving situation, especially when he or she calls you to come downtown for a talk. These interviews are generally conducted during the course of an investigation into a crime, and you may be called as a witness or possible accessory or suspect. It is imperative that you immediately contact a good defense attorney prior to agreeing to submit yourself to the interview process.

What Will Happen in the Interview

Never go to the station for an interview without having a lawyer present, even if you did nothing wrong. These interviews are conducted by highly trained officers who will be trying to confuse you and get you to give them any information you might not otherwise want to share. Finding an attorney here in Las Vegas will allow you to get the advice you need prior to reporting, and will allow that attorney to attend the interview with you at a time convenient for you.

Things to Remember During Your Interview

Even though the officers involved in the interview will, at times, pretend to be on your side, their main focus will be getting the information they are seeking. Remember that they are allowed to lie to you or mislead you in order to make you say the things they want you to say. This is where your legal advisor comes into play. He or she will let you know what questions you may safely answer and which ones you should avoid.

Other Tips to Remember

It is only natural to be concerned about a call for a police interview, but there may be no reason to panic. An interview is not an arrest, and in most cases, you are free to leave at any time. Go into the station with the knowledge that you are backed by sound legal advice and be fully informed of your rights in order to provide yourself with the best possible protection in any situation.