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Being arrested and charged with a federal offense is a very serious situation. The actions you take at this point can have a profound impact on your future.

Essential Steps to Take When You’re Facing Federal Charges

Being arrested is one of the most upsetting experiences you can face. As scary as it can be, it’s important to stay as calm as possible and take the appropriate action. If you are facing federal charges, it’s imperative to find an attorney with experience with this type of case.

Have You Been Charged With a Federal Crime?

When you are arrested for any reason, you must first understand what type of charges you are facing. Charges can be county, state or federal, depending on the nature of the alleged offense. Federal crimes are prosecuted by federal courts, and some of the more common types of federal charges include bank robbery, drug trafficking, immigration offenses and terrorism. In some cases, you may be under investigation but not actually arrested.

Don’t Do Anything Until You Have a Lawyer

When you or a loved one have been charged with a federal crime or you are being investigated by any type of federal agency, you should not do anything until you have consulted with a qualified federal criminal defense attorney. You may unknowingly make a mistake and incriminate yourself if you talk to authorities without the presence of an attorney.

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is essential to find the right attorney when you are facing federal charges. This should be someone with experience with federal law, as there are significant differences between federal and state laws. When choosing an attorney, you should consider factors such as his or her experience, reputation and track record. Word of mouth can also be helpful if you get a recommendation from someone you trust.