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Many Las Vegas residents are excited about the Las Vegas Raiders moving to Sin City in 2020. The New Las Vegas Raiders Stadium will be a global showpiece for the desert city and its new team. With the arrival of such a storied and sometimes controversial NFL franchise, there will also be an increase in tourist traffic and therefore, unfortunately, crime.

NFL rivalries bring together passionate fans who sometimes overstep the bounds of civility and fall into acts of violence like fist fights, assaults, and even vandalism and thefts of property. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of fans wearing rival team shirts going at each other in the stands. Although some see these incidents as harmless rough-housing, the authorities take them very seriously. With a new stadium to show off, incidents of assault, battery, and larceny or vandalism will not be tolerated.

Crimes such as assault or battery are misdemeanors in Nevada, but if a person is injured to the extent that they need medical treatment, the battery could be labeled as being with “substantial bodily harm” under NRS (Nevada Revised Statute) 200.481, which carries a potential 1-5 year prison sentence. A day of fun and football could turn into a lengthy visit to the county jail and even a prison sentence.

Enter the Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer who has handled this type of stadium mayhem can make all the difference. An experienced criminal lawyer can provide top-notch representation and make sure that possibilities like prison are not even a consideration.

Tourists and Las Vegas residents alike should make sure that if more violence took place at the tailgate party than on the field, the first call is to your defensive coordinator, a trusted criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas. Attorney Gabriel L. Grasso offers free consultations where you can get all the information you’ll need to make the right call when it comes to your defense. Take advantage of Gabriel’s over 30 years of trial experience to know exactly where you stand against the power of the prosecutors.