When is failure to supervise a child a crime?

As children get older, parents watch them mature from dependent to independent.  However, as if leaving a child without adult supervision isn’t nerve-racking enough for a parent, some parents now have the added stress of worrying about the legalities of leaving a child without adult supervision.  This added stress stems from a mother in Illinois…


Forged Prescriptions in Las Vegas

Drug use is very common in the Las Vegas area as narcotics are readily available to anyone and everyone. No longer do most narcotics arrests revolve around street or recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine. Drugs, medications and pharmaceuticals typically used for medicinal purposes are now very commonly seen in drug crimes of…


Recent Success in the Criminal Courtroom

Criminal defense attorney Gabriel Grasso has proven his skill once again in the state of Washington. Mr. Grasso recently handled a criminal case in Lewis County involving felony charges of Eluding Police and Reckless Endangerment. At the end of the arduous legal battle, the felony charges were dismissed. Mr. Grasso extends his thanks to local…


The Problem with Criminal Composite Sketches

For years, we’ve watched as crime detection and support technology has made significant advancements in the criminal world. Things we weren’t even sure existed have now become commonplace in each and every police station across the United States. Movies, as well as criminal television shows, have shown us the progression of crime fighting tools from…