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The purpose of our legal system is to fairly adjudicate or “decide” disputes between individuals. When those individuals include the state or federal government, the person on the other side may be risking jail or prison. Unfortunately, many people who face the government in court do not receive fair treatment. Whether wrongly sentenced to serve time behind bars or falsely lambasted in the media, a criminal charge can put in motion a steamroller which cares little for innocence or explanation. Here are some of the most glaring examples of our legal system failing to provide justice, forever changing the lives of innocent people.

Richard Jewell

At the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, a pipe bomb exploded in the park grounds, killing one and injuring 111 others. Security guard Richard Jewell first noticed the bomb and cleared a majority of spectators away from danger. Unfortunately for Jewell, the media unfairly scrutinized his role in the crime, accusing him of planting the bomb. While the actual bomber wasn’t caught until 2003, Jewell was unfairly criticized in his hometown for years following the bombing.

Thomas Kennedy

Being falsely accused of rape is a horrible experience. Thomas Kennedy found out the hard way when his daughter wrongly accused him of raping her multiple times. Kennedy was sentenced to 15 years in prison, which he would have served in full if his daughter had kept her mouth shut. But after 9 years, Kennedy’s daughter admitted to lying and explained that her father had not had sexual relations with her.

Dewey Bozella

In 1983, amateur boxer Dewey Bozella was convicted of murdering an elderly woman. After serving 26 years in prison, Bozella proved his innocence and his conviction was overturned. Bozella’s lawyers were able to prove that the original prosecutors in the case suppressed evidence, skewing the results of the trial. By displaying that he had in fact been framed of the crime and was innocent, Bozella was finally able to receive the justice he so desperately deserved.

People are falsely accused and sometimes convicted of crimes they did not commit on a daily basis. This is why it’s so important to have a qualified lawyer on your side. For the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, call the law offices of Gabriel L. Grasso today at (702) 868-8866 to get the justice you need.