Gabriel  Grasso Recent Case Results


November 2017 - Federal Drug Prosecution

Gabriel Grasso Represented Bing Han in a Federal drug prosecution brought by the United States Attorney for Nevada which involved charges of operating two separate Marijuana Grow Houses. Following a highly contested trial during which Mr. Grasso challenged federal law enforcement officers on cross-examination that their claims that Mr. Han had admitted guilt during an unrecorded statement were untrue, the jury acquitted Mr. Han, who was facing years in federal prison. Mr. Han was so afraid of the jury not seeing things his way, that failed to appear for the announcement of his not guilty verdict. Regardless, because he was found Not Guilty, the government could not seek his arrest for failure to appear.

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February 2018 - First Degree Murder

Gabriel Grasso represented Jarom Boyes, who was charged with First Degree Murder in the shooting death of his wife by the State of Nevada. Mr. Boyes had been arguing with his wife during the night of her death. By using his over 30 years of trial expertise and taking risks at the right time, Mr. Grasso, as lead counsel in the case, was able to convince the jury that his client was not guilty of Murder. Instead, the Jury returned a verdict finding that Mr. Boyes had committed Involuntary Manslaughter.  As a result of this verdict, Mr. Boyes was immediately released from custody and given a time served sentence. Mr. Grasso was not satisfied with this outcome and is currently appealing the verdict before the Nevada Supreme Court. Stay tuned.

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July 2018 - Illegal Wiretapping

Gabriel Grasso represented Law Enforcement officer Joseph Morgan against a Nevada Attorney General criminal prosecution for illegal Wiretapping and illegally intercepting a wire communication. Morgan, the father of 5, would have lost his job had he been convicted of any crime as a result of the trial. Using a unique defense approach where Mr. Grasso argued that the charges against Morgan could not be legally sustained, the jury agreed and acquitted Morgan of all charges. Mr. Morgan is back at work supporting his family.

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August 2018 - Narcotics Distribution

Gabriel Grasso represented Christian Thomas in a Federal prosecution where Mr. Thomas had plead guilty to narcotics distribution. Christian was facing over 5 years in federal prison under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Mr. Grasso negotiated a favorable plea agreement with the US Attorney and at sentencing presented a compelling story to the Judge, outlining how Christian had turned his life around even before the feds charged him with crimes from his past. In these situations, a good defense lawyer can make everyone, including the prosecutor and the judge, a believer in his client. The Judge set aside the 63-78 month guidelines prison recommendation and sentenced him to was amounts to probation. Christian walked out of court with his family.

October 2018 - Child Abuse

Gabriel Grasso represented a United States Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton in a State of Nevada prosecution for Sexual Assault on a Child as well as Child Abuse charges. The child in the case was an infant at the time of the alleged assault and Mr. Grasso’s client was facing the rest of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. Mr. Grasso believed Alex Plunkett from the beginning and planned a complex defense in a case where the allegations had understandably outraged the public. After a two week hard fought trial, the jury found Mr. Plunkett Not Guilty of all charges save one abuse charged which the jury hung on 11-1 for Not Guilty. Mr. Plunkett was released and is currently awaiting trial on the single abuse charge with Gabriel Grasso at his side. Stay tuned.

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