Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Gabriel L. Grasso, one of Las Vegas' finest criminal defense attorneys, is licensed to practice in various jurisdictions before multiple federal, state, and appellate courts. With over 135 criminal jury trials taken to verdict, Mr. Grasso has earned his clients successful verdicts in more than 80% of his cases. Mr. Grasso will work with his clients directly and has been involved in every aspect of their cases.

What Makes Gabriel Grasso Different?

Being a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer requires consummate trial skills, courtroom presence, the ability to negotiate under pressure, and a good relationship with prosecutors, which in many ways counts for as much as anything in getting the best case results. Over the years, Gabriel Grasso has forged an unblemished reputation for honesty and fair dealing with prosecutors.

Unlike what is portrayed on TV, a criminal defense lawyer who is always in a deathmatch with the prosecution will very rarely gain any ground for a client. Of course, when a case or situation calls for a courtroom showdown, Mr. Grasso is the best at presenting the case to a judge and jury and beating the prosecution.

Getting Through the Maze of Legal Pitfalls

Finding yourself or a loved one charged with a criminal offense can be a confusing and frightening experience. There are various agencies and jurisdictions (within the State of Nevada and Clark County in particular) which have the ability to file criminal charges:


  • Each city has a Municipal Court system with “city” prosecutors

  • The counties have the state prosecutors

  • The Federal District of Nevada operates federal prosecutors out of Las Vegas and Reno.


Mr. Grasso’s years of experience, unrivaled win-loss record, and ability to understand what really needs to be done with a case to obtain the best outcome has made the difference when fighting for his clients’ survival against the army or prosecutors who rarely have the time to look at a situation as more than just a case number.

Maybe keeping you under the radar as just a case number is the right call, or maybe helping explain to the prosecutor why your case is different, or why you should be given another chance because of your unique accomplishments in life or previous unblemished record as a productive member of society will make the difference between incarceration or freedom.

Criminal Defense Cases

It is important to understand that the vast majority of criminal defense cases are resolved by negotiation. Through decades of handling thousands of criminal cases in jurisdictions all over the United States, Gabriel Grasso has developed the courtroom “sixth sense” which very few  attorneys possess.

Where a murder conviction normally brings a life sentence or at least 20 to 40 years in prison, Gabriel Grasso has been able to resolve his last 10 murder cases to sentences of less than 10 years, with most of Gabriel's clients either winning outright or having their cases negotiated to 4 years or less.

After reading this you may be saying “that's great, but I'm only charged with a minor charge or a charge nowhere close to the seriousness of a murder charge.” Interestingly enough, the majority of Mr. Grasso's clients are people either caught up in bad situations or faced with having made innocent, or not so innocent, mistakes. Mr. Grasso has handled every kind of criminal charge.

Practice Areas

Mr. Grasso covers many case including:




If you decide to work with Gabriel L. Grasso, it's because:



  • you want to defend yourself from the government's accusations.

  • you value your freedom and want to keep it.

  • you have a family, and responsibilities, which can't be put on hold for an unscheduled “vacation” in county jail or state prison.



The bottom line is, the consultation is free, so you won't lose anything by coming in. Take control of your case and make the call. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, Gabriel L. Grasso, can be reached at 702-868-8866.


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