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Millions of tourists flock to the “city of sin” to let loose and leave their troubles behind for the weekend. Creating new troubles certainly isn’t on the to-do list, yet many depart with new stress hanging over their heads from a couple days’ worth of poor judgment. Have a good handle on some of Nevada’s most unique laws prior to visiting Sin City.

Alcohol Consumption on the street/in a cab

Due to the city’s notoriously lax alcohol consumption rules, this is perhaps the single most debated law among Las Vegas tourists. According to Las Vegas Metro Police Department, it’s completely fine to wander the Strip while enjoying a beer or cocktail.

Vehicles, however, are a different story. Nevada’s open container law states that it’s “unlawful” for a driver or passenger to drink an alcoholic beverage in a moving vehicle. But the law does not apply to passenger vehicles like cabs, limos, shuttles and buses. So long as the company does not prohibit the act under its own restrictions, you are free to consume in said passenger vehicles.


Contrary to popular belief, prostitution has been outlawed in Las Vegas since 1971. In an effort to clean up the city’s “sinful” image, state legislators passed a statute outlawing prostitution in counties with populations exceeding 250,000. Thus began the influx of racy ads littering the yellow pages, newsstands, and ultimately the Strip itself. Prostitution may be illegal, but Las Vegas tradition seems to have a soft spot for it.

Finders Keepers?

Though casinos would prefer that you hand over your findings, the Gaming Control Board confirmed that it’s “finders keepers” in regards to loose casino chips. While individual properties have their own in-house rules regarding loose casino chips, all properties can agree on one thing: There is a distinct difference between finding chips and mining chips (purposely looking for forgotten chips and tickets in machines) – the latter is frowned upon.

Having clarity on these three ambiguous matters should help keep you out of trouble when visiting Sin City. For more information on Nevada laws (or to help you get out of a bind for misinterpreting one), you’ll want the word of the best criminal defense attorney Las Vegas has to offer. Call the Law Office of Gabriel L. Grasso at (702) 868-8866 to set up a consultation.

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