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              The recent Jussie Smollett fiasco sheds light on a little discussed fact which will hopefully get more exposure following the revelation that Smollett completely fabricated his victimization: More often than many people realize, claims by people who accuse others of crime are completely fabricated.

              Human beings are complex creatures. The reasons behind the actions of individuals can have many causes and deep seated origins. This is not to say that crime does not happen and that victims of crime are not real. In the majority of cases, things are usually what they seem. A crime is committed and someone suffers as a result. However, this reality does not cancel out the possibility that in any particular case, the allegations are false.

              Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Gabriel L. Grasso has over three decades of experience analyzing cases and making the right call on the facts of any type of criminal accusation. In fact, when the Smollett story broke on January 29, 2019, Mr. Grasso made the following post on his Facebook feed the next day on January 30th:


              Less than a month later, Chicago Police completely unraveled Smollett’s story and eventually charged him with a felony for falsely claiming he had been the victim of a crime. Admittedly, the high profile nature of this case contributed to the attention it received by police. Unfortunately, police normally do not spend the resources which the Smollett case garnered on the average, everyday claim that a crime has been committed. This is where the Best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can use his years of experience to shine.

              A criminal defense lawyer must develop the ability to figure out when the facts of a case might be made up or are otherwise not true. This is an ability that comes with years of experience. Just because someone has a law degree does not make them an experienced Las Vegas criminal lawyer.

              Alleged victims are sometimes liars. The police and the prosecuting authorities are supposed to be the first line of defense against false accusations, and in many cases they make the right call and deny prosecution. But every day false accusations fall through the cracks and are given the stamp of approval by police and prosecutors. This is when the person accused should immediately retain defense counsel. 

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