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One of the most recognizable martial artists in the world is going to have to sit down for a long talk with his son. Jackie Chan, who has starred in films such as Rush Hour and The Karate Kid, has apologized for the actions of his son Jaycee, who was recently arrested for suspicion of allowing others to consume drugs. The younger Chan is facing three years in prison as part of a Chinese police anti-drug crackdown that aims to punish drug offenders. With Jackie Chan’s role as an anti-drug ambassador to Chinese authorities, this celebrity drug case should be interesting to watch unfold over the upcoming months.

What Happened?

After Chinese authorities found Jaycee Chan and fellow actor Ko Kai with marijuana in their systems and 100 grams of the leafy green substance found at Chan’s home, police charged the martial arts legend’s son with allowing others to consume drugs. While this may not be a huge deal here in the United States, Chinese police officials have made it their goal to try and clean up the streets. President Xi Jinping has made it his goal to put an end to illegal drugs, with those found guilty facing harsh punishments. While Chan is the biggest name booked so far, he is hardly the first Chinese celebrity to witness the long arm of the Chinese law.

In 2009, Chinese authorities named Jackie Chan as an anti-drug ambassador. This meant that Chan would be participating in anti-drug events, promoting an anti-drug causes and using his image as a celebrity to influence others to stay away from illegal drugs. But with his son in hot water for drugs, Chan has publicly apologized for Jaycee’s actions and promises to help his son on his road to recovery.

Big Deal in Beijing

Many theatre and performing arts organizations have pledged to work with Beijing officials, vowing not to hire any actor with drug connections or ties. A statement was recently issued that explains if a member of the performing arts community is found out to be a drug user, they will be banned from performing or making films. It remains to be seen if Chan’s actions will impact his father’s role as an anti-drug ambassador or if he will be able to make movies in China.

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Photo by Francesco Chillari