in Drugs

When most people think about Hawaii, they think of one of the world’s best vacation spots. The Hawaiian Islands are known throughout the world for their unparalleled beauty, diversity of climate, and friendly locals. But there’s another side to the Islands which doesn’t get as much exposure. Narcotics trafficking is alive and well on the islands, with the most populated Island of Oahu and the metropolis of Honolulu at the center of the action.

The Honolulu Police Department Has confirmed that the use of methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine, are all on the rise. Tourists and locals alike are involved in the drug trade and local law enforcement, as well as the DEA and the United States Attorney for the District of Hawaii, are working hard to stem the flow of drugs. Being indicted on federal drug charges in Hawaii can bring unique problems, with one of the most important being access to experienced and effective counsel.

Although there are many qualified Hawaii criminal defense lawyers, Hawaii’s remote location makes finding a Honolulu federal criminal defense lawyer more difficult. Few lawyers are willing to travel from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii to handle a case. The District of Hawaii prosecutes all kinds of federal crimes, including drug crimes, and finding a criminal defense lawyer in Hawaii that may specialize in a certain kind of case may lead to looking for a lawyer from the mainland.

Federal criminal defense lawyer Gabriel L. Grasso has over 30 years of experience trying cases in federal court. He has handled cases all over the United States, including the State of Hawaii. With his home offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mr. Grasso has previously traveled to Hawaii to represent clients charged with serious offenses.

The search for a highly qualified Hawaii criminal defense lawyer does not have to stop at the shoreline. Hawaii federal lawyer Gabriel L. Grasso can schedule a phone consultation or even a video conference to meet face to face. The 6-hour flight from the West Coast to one of the Hawaiian Islands is just a short hop when someone’s life and liberty are at stake. There’s no need to limit the lawyer search to Hawaii. A federal criminal conviction has major consequences, not least of which is a possible prison sentence. Gabriel L. Grasso can bring his more than three decades of experience and unmatched winning trial record to work for anyone in Hawaii charged with serious federal crimes. Call 702-868-8866 or 1-888-LAWYRUP for a free video consultation.