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Many people wonder how criminal defense attorneys can bring themselves to defend people who are accused of heinous crimes. For attorneys who have committed themselves to defending criminals, this is not only their job but their passion as well.

Many of these lawyers face intense scrutiny for defending people the people they do, yet they continue on their path toward justice. To understand how someone can defend a person accused of killing their children, setting off a bomb at a highly attended public event or kidnapping and rape, you must keep in mind the basis of the American justice system and why people become lawyers in the first place.


Unlike other countries across the world, the American justice system is deeply rooted in the principle that all accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. For this belief and our system to work, we must give all citizens the same opportunity to be heard. Most of these lawyers will tell you that taking on these controversial cases is a way to honor the rights afforded to all by the Constitution. Criminal defense lawyers often take on these cases in defense of due process and the integrity of those rights afforded to everyone under the Constitution.

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Some criminal defense lawyers are able to defend the accused because they are deeply opposed to the death penalty. Judy Clarke, a notable criminal defense attorney who has defended Susan Smith and the Boston Bomber among other notorious criminals, has stated that guilt is is often not in dispute. Clarke is usually fighting to win life sentences, rather than death sentences, in her cases. Other criminal defense lawyers see defending accused criminals as a way to fight against what can only be described as governmental abuse of power.

Human interest

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Although some criminal defense lawyers have been accused of being cruel, heartless and lacking empathy for victims this is often far from the truth. Many criminal defense lawyers have said the reason they are able to defend accused criminals is because they want to find the humanity in those accused. These lawyers know that most people, even accused criminals are not evil, rather they have experienced things in their life that have led them to the things they are accused of. While defending the accused, these lawyers can often find aspects in their clients that they are able to relate to.

No matter the personal reasons for defending those accused of unthinkable crimes, it is important to remember criminal defense attorneys are necessary to protect all of our rights. If you or someone you know is in need of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, call Gabriel L. Grasso at (702) 868-8866 today.