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Bobby Shmurda, the alias used by rapper Ackquille Pollard, is facing several criminal charges after a recent arrest. The rapper allegedly conspired to murder another individual, and he has also been charged with assault.

Criminal Charges for Rapper Bobby Shmurda

While many people think that the rich and famous are immune to criminal charges, Ackquille Pollard, who many know by his rap name Bobby Shmurda, is a clear example that this is not always the case. Following an arrest in New York in December 2014, the rapper now faces several criminal charges.

Shmurda’s Charges

According to the police officers who arrested Shmurda, the rapper faces one charge of conspiracy to commit murder, two charges of possessing a weapon and one charge of conspiracy to commit assault. Assault, under the legal definition, refers to the physical assault of another person. A charge of possessing a weapon may refer to carrying an illegal weapon or carrying a weapon without a permit.

Possible Penalties for the Rapper

The penalties the rapper may face will follow the standards used by courtrooms in New York. New York state law allows judges to use sentencing guidelines when determining those penalties. A charge of possessing a weapon often carries a fine and time in jail. The conspiracy to commit assault carries a sentence of several years in jail, and a charge of conspiracy to commit murder carries an even longer prison sentence. If the court finds Shmurda guilty on all charges, the rapper may spend five to 10 years or more in prison.

Staging a Criminal Defense

Shmurda admitted in the past that he belonged to a gang and engaged in reckless and dangerous behavior in the past. A good lawyer working on a case such as this will argue that past deeds are not relevant. Those facing criminal charges in Nevada will want the jury to focus on their current behavior and actions and may wish to turn to the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas for representation.