A Federal Defense Lawyer can make a big difference in your favor

Most people don’t know that in the federal system, what people know as “bail” does not exist. A Federal Defense Lawyer can make the difference between staying out or waiting in detention. On a basic level, only those who can afford to pay bail are able to await the resolution of their case at liberty. …


Best criminal defense lawyers Las Vegas

Looking For The Best If you’re searching for one of the best criminal defense lawyers Las Vegas, you’re in the right place. Gabriel L. Grasso has been defending people charged with criminal offenses for over 30 years. His practice spans the United States but isn’t too big to handle your case. In fact, his practice is…


Las Vegas Casino Marker Lawyer

Casino markers can help make your visit to Sin City a blast, or quickly lead to a bust. In recent years, casinos have pushed Markers on their clients. It usually goes well, until it doesn’t. When money is owed on a marker, the casino can use the Las Vegas DA to issue a warrant for your…


Can I go to jail in Nevada if I owe money to a casino?

It’s hard to believe. In school, you learned that one of the things the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure would not happen in the new United States was “debtors prisons.” In England, people could be jailed for debt. Well, welcome to Nevada in the 21st century, where you can go to jail if you don’t…


Federal Sentencing Lawyer Gabriel L. Grasso

Before the Federal Sentencing Guidelines were adopted, there was a well-known “fairness” problem in federal sentencing. Depending on which part of the country a sentence was imposed, there could be huge proportionality problems. For example, a federal court in Miami, Florida might treat a drug conviction with more leniency than the same drug conviction in…


When is failure to supervise a child a crime?

As children get older, parents watch them mature from dependent to independent.  However, as if leaving a child without adult supervision isn’t nerve-racking enough for a parent, some parents now have the added stress of worrying about the legalities of leaving a child without adult supervision.  This added stress stems from a mother in Illinois…


Outstanding Arrest Warrants in Las Vegas

in Arrests

Locations of persons with outstanding arrest warrants 2009 – present Thousands of outstanding warrants in Las Vegas related to alleged crimes ranging from traffic offenses and failure to properly register vehicles to petty larceny and stalking. Judges or magistrates issue arrest warrants when law enforcement officers or prosecutors present sufficient evidence that a crime most…


What is the Statute of Limitations for Federal Criminal Charges?

After committing a crime, the accused will stand trial for the offense as charges will be brought against them. These charges often involve the state criminal justice system in Nevada, yet there are also crimes that fall under the federal criminal justice system. These crimes can vary from terrorism, arson, and even theft of artwork….


Nevada’s Sentencing Commission: Will It Reduce The Prison Population?

The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country on the planet.  Yet, it has little to show for it. Crime rates, rates of recidivism, and overall fairness in the criminal justice system are not vastly better in the United States than in other countries even though we incarcerate vastly more people….